Artist:Steph Courdin

Subject: Surfers at the Pier
Format: Recommended – Metal Print 24×36 Float Mounted
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Artist:Steph Courdin

Subject: Surfers @ the pier
Format: (recommended) Metal Print 24×36 Float Mounted
About the artist: prior to contracting ALS / MND in 2013 Steph was an avid photographer , primarily focusing his camera on people, shooting everything from model folios to weddings. Originally starting out as an apprentice during college at a portrait & wedding studio in Canada , he eventually opened his 1st studio in downtown Denver in 2001. His 5th studio co-op ( a large 3k sq ft warehouse ) opened in 2011. Shortly after he packed his bags for new adventures moving to San Diego 2012 .
Unfortunately his professional photography would soon come to an end , while shooting his last wedding in 2013 ALS/MND would render it impossible for him to hold a camera, change a lens , and become extremely difficult even to just adjust the dials.
 Now completely wheelchair bound he will still occasionally strap on a camera purely for fun with the help of friends or family and snap a quick image or 2.