Home Automation – Simple-1-2-3

Step 1 - Pick your Devices

Even if you only start with a couple of light bulbs .. once you start to enjoy how simple it is .. you will likely want to add more later

Lights , Switches , Voice Activated, Thermostat, Electric Outlets, Door Locks , Video DoorBell, Garage Door ... most anything and everything around the house

All of the HUB/Controllers we will talk about soon also offer "starter packs" of the Hub and a couple of devices

There are a large variety of devices and manufactures ... Its good to think about what you might want today and into the future ... Since not all HUBS will support any manufacturer.

My personal choice was to pick an "Open Vendor" hub , so i could choose from a larger selection of devices at lower priced per device costs.

Most everything below is available in-store or online from HomeDepot

Step 2 - Pick your Control unit

Select the controller that will support your current and maybe future devices


The HUB is the "BRAINS" that each of your devices is controlled through. It will connect to your internet WiFi , and some will even allow you to control everything when you are away from the home too ! These come in two categories -

1 - Open Vendor - such as Wink Hub/Controller ( will support over 32 manufacturers and 80+ devices to choose from ).

(1)The standalone HUB (white square box) is controlled completely from your smartphone. (2) The Touchscreen HUB is self-contained and does not require a smartphone. Available online from Wink or from home supply such as HomeDepot / Lowes.

2 - Proprietary Vendor - such as WeMo or Insteon Hub/Controllers ( will support only their brand of devices )

As pictured below they come as as Starter Kits (WeMo) or also as standalone devices (Insteon)

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  1. Steph,
    I was at the last ALS support group meeting with you and want to thank you so much for this helpful information! I was also wondering about the berry extracts you were talking about. Have you started taking any of the supplements? Do you know which ones and how much of them is recommended? I would like some more information. Is it safe to give through the PEG tube?

    Thank you so much!

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